Resources to Help Sell OnHand at your Retail Store

Why Should I Sell OnHand?


*March 21, 2016 - OnHand Updates Charging Station Open Exchange Policy*


Setting up your Charging Station

  1. Charging Station Assembly Instructions
  2. Charging Station Assembly Video

Merchandising your Charging Station

  1. 2016 Merchandising  Map
  2. Retail Price Signage

    Marketing your Charging Station

    1. OnHand Product Photos
    2. Charging Station Poster
    3. Bluetooth Shower Speaker Poster
    4. Charging Cable Poster
    5. Battery Pack Poster

    Restocking your Charging Station

    1. 2016 OnHand Product Catalog
    2. Ordering with Douglas Stewart -
    3. Open Exchange Policy for Charging Station customers 

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