Douglas Stewart Sales Tools for Selling OnHand

This page is designed to provide access to OnHand sales tools for Douglas Stewart sales reps.  If you have any questions or need assistance downloading the materials below please contact Jeff Brayer at, or 877-234-4493 x2. Thank you!


Top 3 OnHand Sales Resources

  1. 2016 OnHand Product Catalog - Everyday product catalog for retailers.
  2. Impulse Bundle Descriptions - Price list for Impulse Bundles for retailers.
  3. Charging Station Pack Descriptions - Price list for Charging Station Packs for retailers.


Charging Station Map

  1. Charging Station Retail Map - Google Maps - Online map of Charging Station locations (Great way to build trust/interest with potential customers).
  2. Charging Station Map Thumbnail - Thumbnail picture of map.

    Charging Station Sales Sheets

    1. Charging Station Sales Sheet - Why OnHand? - Sales sheet with 3 reasons why to do business with OnHand and 3 reasons to buy a Charging Station.
    2. Charging Station Floor Template - Digital poster of our Charging Station floor template that allows customers to see the space it takes up in their store.  Available to ship to customers via DS warehouse (DS# 72250).

      Charging Station Testimonials

      1. PDF Testimonials - Collection of testimonials from 2014 Charging Station customers.
      2. Powerpoint Testimonials - Powerpoint version (editable) of testimonials from 2014 Charging Station customers.

        Charging Station After Sales Support

        1. Charging Station Planogram - Merchandise Map for OnHand Products on a CS-MOH.
        2. Charging Station Assembly Instructions - A copy of assembly instructions included with initial delivery of the Charging Station.

          Marketing Posters

          All poster included in Marketing Support Kit, DS# 95423

          1. Retail Price Poster for CS-MOH - Pricing poster (sticker) to show retail price points, can be adhered directly to CS-MOH.
          2. Bluetooth Shower Speakers Poster - Poster for in-store or digital presentation that highlights OnHand Speaker Creatures.
          3. Charging Cables Poster - Poster for in-store or digital presentation that highlights OnHand Charging Cables.
          4. Battery Pack Poster  - Poster for in-store or digital presentation that highlights OnHand Battery Packs.
          5. Charging Station Poster  - Poster for in-store or digital presentation that highlights the charging service offered by the Charging Station.

          OnHand Product Photos

          1. OnHand Product Photos - Drop Box - Downloadable product photos for online sales, marketing, or otherwise.

          OnHand Website Resources

          1. Customer Service Submission - Customers or stores can submit quality issues directly to OnHand via this web form.
          2. Retailer Resources - A webpage that includes a collection of resources designed to help OnHand campus retailers.
          3. Homepage - OnHand online.

            Open Exchange Policy

            1. OnHand Open Exchange Policy - A copy of the original policy.
            2. April 2016 Press Release - Exchange Policy - Press release acknowledging changes to exchange program and discontinued products that will no longer be accepted for return.
            3. December 2016 Press Release - Coming Soon! A press release acknowledging OnHand Discontinued Products for 2017.