About Us

Products for Students

OnHand designs, produces, and distributes tech accessories for students.


As a student have you ever lost a flash drive? Forgotten it at home or in your desk? Left one in a public computer? All the sudden all of your work is missing when you need it most.  In 2010 the founder of OnHand created a product with a solution to these problems… a flash drive wristband to help students keep track of their digital information.  

Today, nearly 4 years later, OnHand's growing success comes as a result of students. Students who demand tech accessories that fit their increasingly mobile lifestyles. OnHand has kept one ear to the group in order to design, produce,and distribute tech accessories that match students' needs.

Students wanted stronger, longer charging cables so OnHand produced a line of Everlasting Nylon Charging Cables - 5 foot charging cables with double braided nylon to prevent breaking and fraying. Likewise, students wanted a way to play music in the shower so OnHand responded with Speaker Creatures: Bluetooth Shower Speakers that let you pump the volume in the shower while your connected device stays dry out of site.


Product by Students? How does OnHand do it?

We go out to campuses and meet students.  We say whatsup?!  Get to know each student and hear their opinions.  We ask students what kind of products they need and what kind of features they want.  We sit back and think about all that and then draft up some ideas. We run ideas over amongst our team.  Make a decision. Create an action plan and begin production.  With students involved in the design process we end up with fun products students like.