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Contact: Andrew Kitzenberg, Founder & President

Office: (877) 234-4493

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The MoH Band- The flash drive you’ll never forget!


Cambridge, MA - February 13, 2012– We’ve all lost our flash drives at inopportune times. Whether it’s in the bottom of your bag, left in the library computer, or just fell off your keychain, we all know the feeling. Well now there’s a solution - The MoH Band™, from Memory on Hand.

The MoH Band™ (Memory on Hand Band) is a USB flash drive wristband, designed to comfortably fit your wrist. It allows you to go anywhere with your digital files on hand! The MoH Band proved to be a useful and stylish product and has become very popular among students.

Convenient, Portable, and Stylish. 


“Throughout college I had lost numerous flash drives and usually when I needed mine most. I realized I wasn’t alone, many students deal with the same affliction of absent-mindedness and we just needed better products. Thus, The MoH Band was developed!”

-Andrew Kitzenberg, MoH Founder


 About Memory on Hand

Memory on Hand was conceived as a course project at Babson College in 2010. Andrew Kitzenberg founded MoH to provide a solution for students to conveniently carry their digital files anywhere, while preventing them from losing their storage devices. Memory on Hand has gained national popularity with students and strives to deliver new and useful products that provide convenience and style for their users.


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Andrew Kitzenberg, please call

Memory on Hand at (877) 234-4493 or email at



Memory on Hand   382 Huron Ave #2  Cambridge, MA 02138    (877) 234 - 4493

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