December 02, 2016

OnHand Promotional Video!

We're please to announce that we've put together a video, starring some of our very own employees in frame and on voiceover! Check it out here:

November 18, 2016

New OnHand "Impulse" Merchandise Display!

OnHand is excited to announce a new merchandising solution for our customers! We are now offering the OnHand "Impulse" Merchandise Display: a countertop, 4 peg display.

OnHand's Impulse Merchandiser will be sold in 3 pre-packed assortments available from Douglas Stewart with the click of a button on Additionally, customers will be able to order an empty Impulse Merchandiser with any qualifying purchase of OnHand product.

If you are looking for a desktop tech merchandising solution, or a second OnHand position to compliment your Charging Station, please get in contact with your Douglas Stewart representative or visit

November 07, 2016

New Cable Colors for Everlasting Nylon Cables!

We have an exciting announcement to make about our cable lineup! We are adding two new colors to our Everlasting Nylon Cables collection: Orange and purple! These colors are great for supporting your school's colors, or simply expressing yourself if you have a favorite color.

These cables are available immediately in both Apple 8 Pin and mUSB connectors for online purchase or wholesale! 

OnHand Releases Updated Open Exchange Policy -- Effective June 1st, 2016

50 Terminal Street
Building 2, Suite 716
Boston, MA 02129
DATE:  4/21/2016
To:  All OnHand Bookstore Partners


OnHand Releases Updated Open Exchange Policy -- Effective June 1st, 2016
Only 30 more days to exchange discontinued product lines for full value!


BOSTON --April 20, 2016 --(ONHAND) -- Beginning Wednesday June 1, 2016 OnHand will adopt an updated Open Exchange Policy for Charging Station customers.  The updated policy has been posted on OnHand's website at, The new revision will limit the products that OnHand accepts for return.  Previously, as a part of the Open Exchange Policy, OnHand accepted returns of overstock product against any previous OnHand purchase despite the original purchase date.  However, effective June 1st OnHand will no longer authorize returns on products that have been discontinued from production and are no longer available for resale.  Customers will have 30 days after a discontinuation announcement to return discontinued items for full value.

Now through May 31st, 2016 all OnHand Charging Station customers will be able to return any previously purchased OnHand item for full value.  OnHand issues credit for each returned item, either the current sales price of the SKU or the price the reseller originally purchased at, whichever is lower. 

Discontnuation Announcement

Effective immediately the following OnHand product lines have been officially discontinued.  These items will be accepted for return through May 31st, 2016.

  • 4GB, 8GB, & 16GB USB Wristbands
  • iPhone 5 Card Cases
  • 30pin to USB Apple Charging Cables
  • Orange and Grey Portable Sport Speakers

OnHand prides itself on its ability to help our campus stores mitigate their inventory risk and stay in front of fast moving tech trends.  Instead of getting stuck with old inventory, OnHand helps replace old inventory with new offerings.  Going forward OnHand will continue to support customers with the ability to swap out slow moving products with the updated Open Exchange Policy.


About OnHand

OnHand, LLC -  ( - In 2014 OnHand launched the Charging Station Merchandiser to help bookstores provide their students with a free charging service.  The company is guided by its desire to become the number one brand of technology accessories in the collegiate market. 


If you would like more information, please call OnHand at (877) 234-4493 or send an email to
November 27, 2015

OnHand Black Friday - Cyber Monday Weekend Deal

This savings-filled (but sometimes shameful) shopping weekend brings about the best deals of the year. So if you're looking for discounts on your favorite OnHand products, whether it be an everlasting, unbreakable charging cable or a cute shower speaker companion, know you can get 25% OFF this weekend by using the code "BlackFriday2015". Valid through 11.30.15. 

Also, if you're looking for any other black friday/cyber monday deals, check out:

July 01, 2015

26 Ingenious Products You Need Every Time You Shower

12. This turtle-shaped shower speaker that is too excited to jam out with you.

This turtle-shaped shower speaker that is too excited to jam out with you.

Get it here.

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The Launch of the Charging Station Merchandisers

Our Best Camex Ever!

The OnHand team returned from Camex (Campus Market Expo) last week where we just launched our new product line and our Charging Station Merchandisers! The Charging Station is a totally new offering to the retail space and a true innovation for the collegiate bookstore market. We designed the charging station to not just help stores attract more customers, but to help keep their customers engaged in the store longer and boost tech sales. The Charging Station allows customer to actually use and demo the products (charging cables and Bluetooth speakers) that are actually sold right there on the merchandiser. On top of the physical display OnHand has also instituted a true merchandising program to help retailers stay in front of the rapidly changing market of tech products. We are constantly conducting market research with students where we're going to campuses to engage students in product surveys and focus groups. We're talking with students about tech accessories, mobile usage, buying preferences, and ultimately we're keeping a pulse on tech trends. This helps us produce and offer the hottest tech accessories which can be sold on the charging station.

After Camex it is clear our vision is resonating with store managers. We heard from a number of people that we were the "best in show" which was supported by a strong adoption of the charging station. It's evident the roll out of the charging station is going to be a big one for the 2014 Back to School season! Below is a picture of our Charging Station. If you would like more info about the Charging Station Merchandiser or our merchandising program, please give us a call at 877.234.4493 or email us at

OnHand Announces the Charging Station


OnHand announces the Charging Station! A new merchandiser designed to make your store a destination for customers, increasing the foot traffic and amount of time customers spend in your store. The Charging Station features a sleek eye catching design that serves both form, and functional. "We designed the charging station to not just help stores attract more customers, but to also keep customers in the store longer and increase tech sales." – Andrew Kitzenberg (OnHand C.E.O.)
The Charging Station maximizes customer engagement by allowing customers to charge up with product demos. The Charging Station includes 2 Bluetooth speakers and 3 charging cables that allow customers to test out the products and give them the ability to charge any devices. Utilizing a minimal footprint (2’ x 3’) the Charging Station merchandiser maximizes tech sales per sq. ft. The Charging Station allows retailers to increase tech offerings by merchandising up to 120 units. For more information about how the merchandiser can help your store, reach out to Andrew Kitzenberg at
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